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Storm Tryouts

2024- 2025 Storm Travel Team Tryouts

Registration is now CLOSED for the 2024-2025 Storm Travel Team Tryouts. 

Travel hockey tryouts for the 2024- 2025 season will be held at MRC on the following dates/times:

10U (birth years 2014-2015): Monday, March 11 from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

12U (birth years 2012-2013): Thursday, March 14 from 6:40-7:40 p.m.

14U (birth years 2010-2011): Thursday, March 14 from 7:50-8:50 p.m.

Registration Cost for a Storm Tryout Session is $30.

A fall skills assessment will be held in late September/early October for those wishing to join a team that missed tryouts.

The Registration "Storm Tryouts" is not currently available.

General Tryout Information:

Team Information:

The Storm offers the opportunity to play on Tier III and Tier IV travel teams at various age levels. The specific age level offerings depend on a variety of factors including the number of participants at each age group and the overall skill levels from year to year. Those who tryout and make a travel team must make a commitment to the team, their teammates, and their coaches to attend all practices and games whenever possible. We understand that family and school commitments arise from time to time, but players and parents are expected to communicate these to the head coach in a timely manner.

The travel season is a demanding one that includes 2-3 practices per week and 16-24 games (depending on league requirements).  Games are played on the weekends at arenas from Biddeford to Lewiston to Presque Isle to our home rink and many in between. The season is six months long (early October to late March) and teams will typically play multiple games per weekend. If selected to a travel team, we will ask each player and their family for their commitment and intention to play, including a mandatory (and non-refundable) down payment (to be applied to next season’s tuition), shortly after spring tryouts have concluded.

Tryout Information:

Tryouts will be held to determine team rosters. Team sizes will be decided by the Storm Board and will dictate how many teams are offered at a particular age group. Rosters and team sizes will be decided on at or before the conclusion of the Maine Amateur Hockey Association (MEAHA) dictated tryout season (mid-April).

Any outstanding tuition and fees must be paid in full to participate in the tryout. Those families who receive aid in the form of partial tuition and/or payment plans are not excluded from the tryout payment policy; all players must be paid in full to participate in tryouts.

Evaluators rate players focusing on their skating ability (forwards & backwards, starts & stops), puck handling skills, positioning away from the puck, and hockey awareness. Players are given an overall score and then stack-ranked (the best score is first, second best score is next, and so on) to determine each team. Evaluation scores are based upon what the evaluator feels the player has demonstrated during the tryout session. We know that some players may feel nervous during their tryout and for many reasons may not show their best effort. Evaluators are human and the process is judgmental; we understand that parents and players might not always agree with the evaluators’ final scores and the final player selections. While the process may not be perfect, it is fair.

Please understand that not everyone will make a travel team. Team selections will range from the minimum (10 skaters, 1 goalie) to the maximum (18 skaters, 2 goalies) based on skill-set, size, awareness, experience, and overall ability to thrive and operate without risk to their personal safety within the environment of the league in which the team will participate. No team will roster more than 2 goalies. Goalies not selected for a travel team will be offered goaltending spots in the House Hockey program. The Storm reserves the right to add players to a travel team in the fall if the total number of players in a particular age group warrants such action and said players have the ability to thrive and operate without risk to their personal safety. Movement to a travel team in the fall however, is not a guarantee.

Storm Travel Tryouts Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are tryouts to pick next season’s team at the end of this year?

A: MEAHA , the state governing body for youth hockey in the state, mandates that a tryout window fall between the Monday after the first weekend in March and the second Sunday in April. This is designed to make the tryout and decision-making process quick and efficient for players and associations.

Q: Why do players have to pay to tryout?

A: This is a common practice among associations that hold team tryouts. While the funds raised from a tryout will help the Storm financially, the cost is right in line, if not cheaper, than what other associations charge for tryouts. Charging for tryouts ensures that participants are committed and serious about the process.

Q: How will players be evaluated?

A: Evaluators rate players on their forward and backward skating ability, stops and starts, puck handling, play and positioning away from the puck, and hockey awareness.

Q: How does the evaluation work?

A: Evaluators provide an overall score for each player based upon the various components of the evaluation. The players are then stack ranked, based on their scores, with the best score first, second best score next, and so on.

Q: Who are the evaluators?

A: The board selects evaluators who understand the game of hockey and know what it takes to be a successful player. Evaluators may be a mix of coaches, adult players, and other non-Storm individuals. 

Q: Will I receive my child’s evaluation?

A: No, the Storm does not share the specific results of the tryout.

Q: When will I find out if my child made the team?

A: Rosters will be communicated approximately a week after the tryout session. Coaches or other Storm representatives will follow up with each player within 7 days to confirm their commitment to play on the team for the following season and ensure their $150 deposit is received.